With 8 Years of Experience at THE GURUKUL PRACTICE CENTRE we believe that there is a winner in every student and that it just need to be identified. We strive endlessly to discover this hidden potential of every student and work with heart and soul to enable every student to achieve his/her goal. We make a concerted effort to make a difference to every single student.

THE GURUKUL PRACTICE CENTRE prepares students for IIT JEE Entrance and Medical Entrance Exams under the proper guidance of distinguished and well-experienced teaching staffs. These teachers are from Top colleges and universities of India like IIT, Roorkee, BHU, Delhi University and others. This institute also provides to the students an exhaustive, relevant and original study material and test papers that are specially designed by qualified teachers as per exam pattern. The environment of this institute is learning and competitive that is essential for the exposure of students. THE GURUKUL PRACTICE CENTRE also conducts every year a Screening test to enroll 25 students of Maharastra Govt. and CBSE Schools in order to provide free coaching for integrated two years Medical and Non Medical courses. In short, the aim of this institute is to provide the high-qualify education to the students so that they can get admission in the top colleges of India.